HPlus Nano Teoranta

The HPlus Nano Teoranta company logo.

An Irish biotech company that specializes in biomechanical engineering, microbiology and nanotechnology. HPlus Nano Teoranta was started seven years before The Disaster by directors Dixon Peters and Slaine Fitzgibbon Peters¹, partially funded by the Irish Government.  The company "aimed to develop a new generation of medical implants²."  Some of these devices/their functions include:
  • Micro Pacemakers
  • Insulin Monitors
  • Optical Implants
  • Cochlear Implants
  • Gene Therapy
  • Detection Therapy
  • Oxygen Purification
  • Blood Optimization
  • Tissue Manipulation
  • Viral Therapy
  • Vaccine Enhancement
  • Smart Tissues
  • Organ Regeneration
  • Genetic Conditioning
  • Vision Alteration
  • Perception Therapy
  • Smart Organs
  • Subatomic Imaging
  • Aural Imaging
  • Nanofiber Optics
  • Hybrid Organs
  • Synthetic Organs
  • Cellular Imaging
  • Synthetic Cells
  • Depression Treatments
  • Exocortex Development
  • Limb Regeneration
  • Kinetic Therapies
  • Myoelectrics
  • Artificial Cells
  • IPS Cells
  • Smart Injections
  • Air-based Therapies
  • Oxygen Creation
  • Smart Blood(s)
  • Neurosensory Imaging
  • Neural Network Mapping
  • Biomimetic Applications
  • Nucleotide Synthesis

This company developed the HPlus Implant, based on an older model nano-implant, the n54.

Known Employees of HPlus Nano TeorantaEdit



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